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Studio Equipment

Exceptional Quality

I am always adding new equipment to the studio and currently having new furniture built

Equipment: Equipment

Furniture & Props

I have a variety of fantastic items for you to use - St Andrews Cross, spanking bench, cage, chains on the wall, whips and collars due to the current circumstances I do request not to use any insertable other than your own

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The back room - small but exclusive 

I have created a small dungeon It’s lockable and has everything you need: St Andrew’s cross Spanking bench Lockable cage Massage chair Chains on the wall Whips 

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Do you enjoy a gloryhole? 

Whether behind or in front? 

Don’t look any further as my new feature: The GLORYHOLE WALL 

£40 for 30min 

£30 for 20min 

Every Thursday 

Please get in touch and book either in front or behind…. 



It’s important to me to not only offer you the space you need, but also the equipment for you to use. Our new Spanking comes in very handy for a number of different scenarios  If you need help finding the right selection for your spanking, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you choose the option that guarantees your session is perfect. You can bring your own whips and canes 

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