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The Intimacy Coach

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

You probably ask yourself now: What is an intimacy coach and do we need one?

In short - yes, we all would benefit from having a coach.

I will explain in more detail.

Over the years working in the fetish world I came across an array of people from all walks of life and I discovered that people come to see me for various reasons but one always remains the same: They seek satisfaction.

As an intimacy coach I will help you to guide you through your journey and help you deepen your connection between you and people in your environment.

Over the last decades we have become disconnection from our bodies. Most females aspire to have romance like in a fairytale, while men tend to go underground and find their satisfaction online and grow on the porn diet. In both cases there is a gap between fantasy and reality.

As seen so often some people are love addicts while others are love avoidant and don't believe in happiness. There could be many reasons but the main one being the belief that one is not good enough to be loved as you don't perform and that could be in the bedroom too, like your beloved hero/heroine.

Other signs to conclude that you require an intimacy coach:

Birth of a baby has changed sexual dynamics

Unable to overcome past sexual trauma

Explore ones sexual orientation

Doesn't know how to awake ones desires and passion

Different sex drive

Experience new boundaries

If you see yourself in one or more of the above then you will benefit from our sessions.

Now, comes my role as an intimacy coach - I will help you to discover that you can have a healthy relationship and sex.

There is a growing bitterness in relationships and incapability to express one's desire due to none communication or embarrassment. The need of my role has increased more than ever.

This is an unique experience and it will be your journey.

I am offering email coaching and one-to-one coaching sessions

If you would like to know more and book your first email consultation please get in touch with me: and we can discuss a variety of methodologies to suit your personal journey.

As with all my sessions - absolute discretion is my highest priority.

I am looking forward to hear from you

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